Crack Open the Gates

Notice anything new lately? Anything caught your eye in a way that has asked you to stop and look closer? I’m on a mission. I’m out to see what I can see, feel what I can feel, fully experience what comes at me. This new awareness shocked me one recent morning on a cold jog down our dirt drive. I may never be the same.

I’ve done this run a bunch of times. There are the neighbor’s farm animals grazing in pastures, big sky and wispy clouds above, crunchy gravel and dirt below, snow-capped mountains off my left shoulder, and my dogs alternately loping and stopping to sniff a patch of ground here and there. I’ve seen it a lot. Always enjoy it, and always feel so much better for having been outside breathing hard before my workday begins.

This run turned out different, though. “Paper Airplane”, the new music from Alison Krauss and Union Station was playing in my ears and filling my head and soul with a fullness I cannot adequately describe. Good music has always had that effect on me. My fingers ached because my gloves were too thin. Frozen mud ruts on the road were doing their best to roll my ankles over. My nose was running and I was anxious to begin generating heat. Out of nowhere I felt and heard a rumbling. A fast, relentless drumming sound that came bearing down on me from behind. “Duck, Sharon, duck!” was all I could think as the sound and movement flashed by my right eye in a blur of power. Oh! It was the neighbor’s new Palomino on the other side of the fence along the road. I stopped running. I had to. The power of his flight demanded that I look. He got to the top of the hill, turned around, and came on back. He raced past me again with his head held high and back; almost like he was checking his speed. His hooves hit the ground hard and I could feel the thud of each one. He stopped again, wheeled around and charged back up the hill. Even the dogs had stopped at this point and were watching him. All I could think was, “Now that is power, and this is so worth watching”.

That’s when the gates of awareness seemed to unlock and open. Suddenly, what I had been missing, while lost in the music, was visible and I greedily drank it in; the thin white three-quarter moon high in the southern sky, the smell of the fresh hoof-churned dirt, the round chest muscles of that horse, the cocked head of my dog, Jack, wanting to go on. I saw the clear edges of the fence posts coated in a thin frost. A meadowlark perched on a barbed wire fence, pushing his broad yellow breast forward, sang out and we all looked. The images and sounds and smells wouldn’t stop. In that minute and a half my senses were cracked open and awake. I stood there gawking at my world. And the rest of the day was different.

Now I want more.

What have you noticed lately? Are you moving through your life following old patterns that dim the magic of each and every moment?

Crack open your gates of awareness. You’ll be amazed at what is out there.


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  1. Julie
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 06:59:37

    My first blog reading ever, and I’m so glad it was your wonderful post! Yes, I have had moments like this, but never described mine so well. I could hear it, I could see it!


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